Most Stress-Free Combination for DIY Web Design on a budget 

Creating or redesigning a website can be one of the most exciting things to do when it comes to business.  However, it is also the most time consuming process especially when there’s so many different variables to consider.  Below are some of the common questions we would ask ourselves when we try to choose the option that suits us most.

  • How much does it cost?  Do I have to pay ongoing fees?
  • Ease of use.
  • Can it be self maintained?  Or do I need to pay someone else to maintain the site for me?
  • What’s the server speed like?
  • Is the server reliable?  Server speed, uptime, security, etc.
  • Is the hosting company flexible enough to allow me to easily migrate the site to somewhere else?
  • Do the hosting companies that I’ve looked at have a good customer support process in place?

Yes, we understand your pain because we’ve been there too.  This is why in this article, we intend to help answer some of these questions and recommend to you what we think are the best options and combinations when it comes to affordable websites.  These recommendations are based on our own research and trial and error over the years, so hope this would have you make your decisions as well.  Let’s roll it.

Here’s the combination what we recommend, and WHY we recommend

1. Domain and Web Hosting – HostingerRead More…

2. Web Design – Content Management Systems (CMS) VS Code from scratch

Think from users’ point of view … Read More… 

3. CMS – Why WordPress

4. Theme – Why DiviRead More

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