How to design your website quick & easy with WordPress


A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your WordPress site with Divi 2022

Wordpress Home Screen


So, here’s the process to follow, regardless of the tools you’re using to design your website:

Step 4 . Maintenance

4.1 Back up & Restore
4.2 Update

After installing WordPress, you now need to install the theme.  Free themes are good, but the drawback is there isn’t much to work with, and you’ll end up requiring one with more functionalities and support, or manually writing scripts (which I’m quite sure you wouldn’t want to do if you’re reading this post).  We recommend using Divi by Elegant Themes.  There are good reasons why we choose Divi especially for beginners, you can read more in this blog post, WHY Divi . A Premium WordPress Theme.

Let’s Get Started!  Step 1 . Installation

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