Why CMS, Content Management Systems

CMS stands for Content Management System, these are predesigned software that enables users with different levels of web design knowledge to be able to create their own unique websites with minimal assistance. For businesses either with tighter budgets or just want to save costs, CMS is a great option as opposed to engaging a web developer to code your website from scratch with HMTL / CSS / Java Scripts. There are a few good reasons for that.

Labour cost for development

Web development from scratch is labour intensive. Therefore, whether you agree to pay for the site a project basis (i.e. fixed cost) or hourly basis (i.e. variable), there’ll be higher development costs involved.

If there’s a very specialised functionality that you require to have on your website, then you might consider engaging a web developer or an application developer to do so. However, for most SMEs, a CMS will work exceptionally well given the strong support from both the companies themselves and their social media communities.

Control over website

For most SMEs nowadays, regardless of budget, there’s a much higher need for them to be able to control and update their own content whenever they need to. Especially with the current business environment, information needs to pretty much get out there in the public straight away. CMSs offers businesses the flexibility of being able to do just that without the tedious process of asking the web developer / support to do it for them.

Enhancements and further development

With the readily available plugins / addons for CMSs out there, it really offers the website owners to further enhance their site’s functionalities and user experience in a much shorter period of time. Of course, there’s still installation, configuration. and testing time involved, but this can always be controlled in house. It saves a lot of time and cost in development and maintenance.

Maintenance Cost

In order to ensure that your business’s website is secure and compatible with the most common browsers, your website will need to be regularly checked, and update if need be, whether they’re built from scratch or with CMS.

Again, when it comes to maintaining your website, CMS will be much easier for end users while with sites built from scratch requires people with at least some knowledge of web design and development.


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