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Antloans | Mortgage Broker | Melbourne & Sydney

About Antloans

Antloans, under the leadership of Chairman and mentor Ivan Wong, exemplifies a financial services company committed to blending exceptional customer service with a deep understanding of client needs. Ivan’s personal journey, marked by early rejections in his home loan applications, imbued him with resilience and empathy that shaped his vision for Antloans. Founded in 2016 and now operating across Melbourne and Sydney, Antloans thrives on a philosophy of bringing a human element back to the lending industry. This ethos is evident in every service they offer, from business and investment loans to personalised mortgage solutions, all designed to support clients in achieving their financial dreams.

Ivan’s leadership is characterised by his early experiences as a doting father striving for family security, which resonate in Antloans’ mission to support and understand their clients’ aspirations, guiding them through the complexities of lending to achieve financial independence. His professional ascent from a contract teller to a regional manager at Westpac, managing over 100 bankers, further solidifies his expertise and dedication to transforming the lending experience into a supportive journey rather than a mere transaction.

For more detailed information about their services and ethos, visit Antloans’ website. For insights into Ivan Wong’s professional journey and his role at Antloans, you can check out his profile here.

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