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About Canaan Lawyers

Canaan Lawyers is a leading law firm based in Melbourne Australia that specializes in serving the Chinese community. Their team of multilingual lawyers are well-versed in representing Chinese clients and providing cost-effective, high-quality legal services

Bluehands, was approached by Canaan Lawyers to provide brand consultation, graphic design, and photography services to redesign their marketing collateral and website. The goal of the project was to create an even stronger brand story, and visually appealing designs, as well as professional images that enables them to effectively communicate the firm’s vision and expertise to potential clients.

The first step we took in the graphic design and photography process was to conduct a thorough analysis of Canaan Lawyers business and identify their target audience through a briefing session.

With this information obtained from the session, the Bluehands team began to carefully plan for the graphics and photographic images required that would be used on the marketing collateral as well as the website.

We started by taking photographs of the firm’s office, its staff and its legal team, making sure that the images were visually appealing and professional, while still reflecting the firm’s brand. Some images were also taken around Melbourne city at specific locations for use on the website.

The images were then used in the designs of the marketing collateral such as document templates, promotional flyers, presentation materials, etc. Bluehands also provided consultation services to help the firm to develop an effective marketing strategy that would reach their target audience.

Overall, the collaboration between Bluehands and Canaan Lawyers Australia resulted in visually appealing and professional marketing materials that effectively communicate the firm’s services and expertise to potential clients. The brand consultation session, graphic design, and photography has helped to make the marketing materials more consistent with their existing brand, hence, engaging and easy to understand. The consultation services also helped the firm to formulate an effective marketing strategy that would not only reach their target audience, but also connect with them on a personal level. As a result, Canaan Lawyers Australia has been extremely pleased with the results of the project and has received many positive comments from clients and partners.

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