How to design your website quick & easy with WordPress

STEP 2 – Configuration . Part 2

How to Setup and Configure Divi 2022

Theme Customizer

Site Identity

  1. Go to Theme Customizer
  2. On the left hand menu in the Theme Customizer, select General Settings
  3. Select Site Identity
  4. In this section, you can update everything you see within the tabs on your browsers.
    • Site Title
    • Site Tagline
    • Site Favicon (i.e. the little logo next in the browser tab.  For best results, make sure the image is in the right dimensions specified in the instructions)
  5. After you’re done, click Publish

Create a New Menu

At this stage, you’re only creating a “holder” of the menu items.  You’ll need to come back and add the menu items in here once your webpages have been created.  By customizing this, you’re creating a default menu for your website.  There’s also a more advanced way to create customized menus with different look and feel, that you can choose to use with different pages or groups of pages.  This will be detail in subsequent sections (Theme Builder), for now, let’s focus on the basics.

  1. Go to Theme Customizer
  2. On the left hand menu in the Theme Customizer, select Menus
  3. Select Create New Menu
  4. On the new menu screen, give your new menu a name, e.g. main menu.
  5. Menu Location (Optional): select where you want the menu to be located, by default, the menu will be at the top of your webpages anyway.
  6. Click Next
  7. On this screen, you may now add your menu items, but as mentioned, since you don’t have any pages created yet, let’s leave this for now.  You can come back and add the menu items in once you’ve created your pages.
  8. Click Publish

What’s Next? Part 3 . Theme Builder >>>

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