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Have You Been Using AI Generated Content?  Read This Before You Continue Doing So

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You know, mixing AI into SEO strategies is something I’ve been talking about with a bunch of clients and business buddies lately. It’s definitely a hot topic. Using AI can seriously boost your site’s visibility if done right, but it’s not without its risks. So, here’s the scoop on how tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, or Perplexity might affect your site’s rankings. We’ll also touch on how all the new changes to Google’s content policies could play into this. It’s all about how you use these tools—think of it as more of a mindset approach.


Google’s Updated View on AI-Generated Content

Firstly, let’s get this out of the way, Google doesn’t hate AI created content, at least not anymore.  However, there’s a catch, we’ll discuss more in the below sections.  Google’s perspective on AI-generated content has evolved, becoming more inclusive. Initially focusing on human-created content for a genuine user experience, Google now also values AI-generated content that meets high standards of usefulness and relevance, remember the principle: E-E-A-T (i.e. Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

This shift indicates that the content’s creator, human or AI, matters less than its ability to effectively meet user needs. According to Google Search Central document, “created primarily for people” that remains valuable and engaging is encouraged. This change promotes AI in content creation, as long as it serves the audience well.


The Pitfalls of Improper AI Use in SEO

If Google’s cool with AI content, why are some businesses still on edge? Well, it all boils down to mindset. The general public out there think AI tools can handle everything for them, so they kick back and relax a bit too much.  It might have been true when AI tools were first popularised a couple of years ago, however, it’s not the case anymore after Google how detrimental it can be for search quality.

So then, you’ve got the savvy ones who really make these tools work for them, using AI smartly to give their business a real boost.


Here’s How AI can potentially break your site’s ranking

Mass-Produced Content

Overuse of AI in content creation can lead to a large volume of repetitive, low-quality articles that saturate a website, making it look like a content farm. This not only affects user experience but also diminishes the site’s reputation with Google, which prefers content with added value.

At the beginning, we’ve seen in different forums where people were buzzing about pumping out hundreds if not thousands of articles with AI per day to try to rank up.  It certainly worked like a treat at that point in time.  However, it wasn’t long before Google made changes and updates in attempt to combat the situation.

For example, producing numerous articles on “How to lose weight” that all say essentially the same thing can potentially make your site appear less authoritative and decrease its ranking.

Simple Instructions but Expecting Sophisticated Results

Just giving AI simple instructions might only get you basic, generic results.  AI tools are great in producing content within a short timeframe.  However, if instructions are too broad and generic, the chances are your piece will contain much of the same information as everyone else.

Consider Google’s dilemma: the internet is awash with such content, much of it unverified. How can Google decide what deserves a higher rank? This is exactly what Google is aiming to filter out. So, if we want standout content that climbs the rankings, we need to craft our AI instructions with much more care and sophistication.

AI that rehashes existing information can’t provide the fresh insights that Google values for higher rankings. Content that does not differentiate from the masses blends into the background, offering no competitive edge in search results. For example, an AI-generated article on “Tips for Safe Online Shopping” that offers only widely known tips will likely go unnoticed by both search engines and users looking for deeper insights.

AI-generated content focused solely on keyword optimization often lacks the depth that genuinely engages readers, resulting in high bounce rates and low conversion rates. A typical case might be a blog post titled “Best SEO Practices” that is rich in keywords but short on substantial, practical advice, failing to hold the reader’s interest or provide real value.  Remember what Google’s guideline says?

People-first content means content that’s created primarily for people, and not to manipulate search engine rankings.

Unengaging Content that sounds robotic

It goes without saying, your content must emotionally and intellectually engage to retain and convert visitors. This is especially true when we’re talking about marketing and branding.  Generically created AI content can sometimes be too technical, lacks narrative flow, or doesn’t address user concerns can fail to connect with readers.

For instance, an AI-produced article for beginners interested in stock investing that dives into complex financial terms without clear explanations can frustrate and alienate readers, rather than educating them.

Each of these content issues underscores the need for a strategic approach to using AI in content generation, where the quality and relevance of the content are prioritised to meet both user needs and SEO standards.


Strategic AI Use: Thinking Like a Boss

Google’s main goal and intent remains the same, but they keep tweaking the algorithm to stop people from using tricks to unfairly climb up the search rankings. So, as content creators, how do we avoid these pitfalls and still use AI to make our work more efficient?

Having a boss mindset means understanding that AI tools can take on the grunt work, giving you the freedom to focus on steering your business. Particularly for small businesses, this means you can move quicker, make smarter decisions, and drive your business forward without breaking the bank.

Effective Management

Adopt a CEO-like approach to managing your AI content. This means overseeing the entire content creation process with a strategic mindset. Regularly update and refine your AI prompts to ensure they align with current SEO best practices and audience needs. This structured approach can significantly boost the relevance and quality of the content produced.

Focus on Quality

Rather than pumping out large quantities of content, prioritize the creation of high-quality, authoritative articles. Incorporate unique insights and in-depth analysis, particularly in areas where your business has expertise. This focus on quality over quantity will resonate more with both your audience and search engines, helping to establish your site as a trusted resource.

Ensuring Accuracy

The success of AI-generated content heavily depends on the quality of the inputs you provide. Conduct thorough research to gather accurate, up-to-date information that informs your content. Then, give clear, specific instructions to your AI tools to ensure the content they produce is both precise and relevant to your audience’s interests and search queries. This meticulous attention to detail will improve the overall accuracy and reliability of your AI-generated content, bolstering your SEO efforts.

Prompt Engineering, and Reengineering

Constant Improvement in Instructions Given to AI Tools is vital.  To maximize the effectiveness of AI in content creation, it’s crucial to continuously refine the instructions and guidance you provide to these tools. This involves regularly reviewing the outcomes of AI-generated content and identifying areas for enhancement based on performance metrics and feedback. By adapting and updating the prompts and parameters based on evolving SEO strategies and audience preferences, you can ensure that the AI tools remain aligned with your goals. This ongoing adjustment helps in producing more targeted, engaging, and effective content, which is essential for maintaining and improving SEO performance.


Our Thoughts On AI as a Tool for SEO

AI is really shaking up SEO, offering tools that can either boost our efforts or make things tricky. Google now rates AI-created content by its usefulness, not who or what wrote it. But, if we’re not careful, AI can churn out spammy or unengaging content that might drop our site’s SEO rankings. Effective AI use means really managing it well, crafting the right prompts, prioritizing quality content, and always looking to improve. When we use AI smartly and ethically, it can be a huge plus for our SEO strategies and help us connect better with our audience.

You know you need to work on this but don’t have the time to so so?  Don’t wait, contact us and see how we can help you.

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