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Why Divi – A Premium WordPress Theme

After deciding that we’ll stick with WordPress as our predominant web design tool, we then did a whole bunch of research and tests on what’s the best theme to use.  Since there were so many different options out there, we needed to narrow down to a few selection criteria that were important to us as a new business back then.

Pricing – Pay Only Once, and Get Lifetime update.

While most of the WordPress themes/builders out there are running a Subscription / Freemium model, Divi is one of the few that has an option for users to pay only once for lifetime updates on the theme at no extra costs.  This is a stress-free  model for most small businesses when it comes down to maintaining their sites.  There’s no need to worry about regularly paying a fee in order to keep their theme up-to-dated and secure.  Not to mention about the constantly improving features that makes designing and redesign websites so easily and effectively.

Flexibility / Ease of Use

We’ve used a few popular themes and WordPress site builders before but in the end have chosen Divi.  It’s simply because it has a well-designed user interface that makes it suitable for all levels of users, from end-users to sophisticated web developers.  Some of the most amazing features that helps creating a streamlined process for designing our websites are:

WYSIWYG builder

What You See Is What You Get!  Yes, a lot of the site builders out there do offer similar functionalities, and it isn’t exclusive to Divi.  However, what we love about Divi is their simply designed interface for beginners, while making sophisticated functionalities accessible in a hierarchical format on one screen.


Responsiveness to different screen sizes is standard practice these days.  If your website isn’t responsive, then it might be time to update it as this is a factor that affects your SEO ranking as well.

Theme Builder

Creation of universal templates and set rules for different sets of styles, pages, or posts throughout the whole websites.  Updating them is also easy.

Design Tools

Unlike other themes with a freemium model, Divi allows you to access to all design tools you need to build your websites which is, once again, make it a stress-free experience since users don’t need to work.  If you don’t intend to create anything sophisticated, Divi also has a wide range of range of pre-designed templates that you can use and modify to start your design process as soon as possible.

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Great Support Community

Both official support by the company, and the social media community are great!  Very help and positive

Constant improvements

We’ve been using Divi for both ourselves and our clients for a few years now, we would .  Company’s commitment to constant improvements towards / updates to keep up-to-date and compatible with other applications

  • Functionalities
  • Design elements
  • Enhancements

Ease of setting up your online store

  • Highly compatible with wide variety of plugins on the market, like WooCommerce